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Welcome to TeachaPedia!

This page is the down and dirty on how to add content to Teachapedia. If anything is missing on this page, please let us know through emailing us or by posting on the discussion board.

Creating content

Formatting stuff

  • Cases
    • Do upper case and lower case matter? What about spaces?
    • What is TeachaPedia’s policy on article titles?
  • Formatting
    • How do I do bullets, numbered lists, italics, bold, heading, sub-headings, links, etc on a wiki?
  • Categories
    • How do I figure out what category to put something in?
    • Why do we care?
  • Reviews
    • How do I add a review bar for a product or page? How do I make a chart that ranks the different products?
  • Images
    • How to upload and format images

Where to go for more information?

  • All of the specific help pages have been written to be easy to cut and paste. That means that the pages look great on the edit screen, but look really strange on the "page" page. To read specific help pages, please log in and look at the edit screen if anything look strange.