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Common core standards

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Teaching strategies

Classroom activities

  • Adrian Bruce's Jump Game is an outdoor, movement based game. The teacher writes blends on the concrete and students have to jump to the blend that the teacher calls.

  • The Resource Site's Dr.Blends Game divides up blend word words by their "doctor" (Dr.S etc). Students can sort words on their own or play competitively. There are LOTS of words to cut out so beware.

Cyber games and activities

Mix blends soft.JPG
| Soft School's blend game has student choose the correct blend to spell words like plant or clam. The game is pretty boring, but makes for good drill and kill.
Mix blends your child.JPG
| Your Child Learns Game is fairly dry, but is good practice for students at identifying which sounds they hear in an initial blend (p--r--incess). Honestly, the game is fine but the narrator has an annoying voice.
Mix blends your child s.JPG
| Your Child Learns S Blend Game is the same as the other game, except the narrator is less annoying and all of the words have s blends.
Mix blends bbc.JPG
| BBC Schools Blender Game has students choose the beginning blend and end sounds that they hear in a word and then the blender blends them together and says the word back to the student.

iPad apps

Free worksheets

  • School Express Blends Worksheets has 11 different blend worksheets. All have students choose the blend that describes a pictures--e.g. cl or cr for a picture of a clock.

Helpful links

  • MES English has printable, foldable cards that can be used for drills or for playing card games like go fish.

At home

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