Dynamic, static, round and flat characters

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  • Kaleigh Klemm at Differentiation Central has a basic lesson plan on introducing change in characters to second grade students. The lesson is pretty dry, but the language and questions used to get the second graders thinking is good.

  • Erika Griffin on ReadWriteThink has an excellent upper elementary lesson on character change. The teacher begins a read aloud of a story where the lead character changes significantly over the story. After the first part of the story, the students complete a character map on what the character is like. At the end of the story, the students complete a new map. They compare the two maps to determine how the students have changed. Finally, after determining how the character changed the class discusses as a whole why the character might have changed. Great lesson for helping students develop inference skills.

  • NEA Study of Literary Characters is an overview of how a teacher helped her students truly understand character transformation. The story used in the overview is The Grinch, but they suggest others as well where the lead character starts with a major flaw and overcomes it during the story. After reading and discussing the story, the teacher has the students write their own story that follows the same model.

  • Brittany Davis Characterization is a five page document that includes a chart of character types, a graphic organizer for students to use and a lesson plan. The students watch a clip from Aladdin and discuss the different types of characters. Some of the characters are dynamic and change, some are static, some are round, etc.

Cyber activities

Dynamic ela.JPG
| StudyZone Grade 4 Characters Feeling has students read short passages and identify how the characters’ feelings change over the course of the story.
Dynamic game.JPG
| Quizlet Flashcards is a slide show game. Each slide has a question on the bottom of the slide and the answer to the previous slide's question on the top. It would be easy to set it up as a whole class game.

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Dynmaic video.JPG
Characterization (hosted on YouTube) is a nine minute video without words. You see a hand drawing pictures and writing words like "dynamic" next to examples of dynamic characters. The video is WAY too long but words if you cut to the exact time that you want.
  • Flat and round characters begin at 2:03
  • Static and dynamic characters begin at 2:20 and last over one minute (they slowly draw Edward from Twilight and Harry Potter as their examples).
Dynamic 4.JPG
| Prezi Type of Characters is a cross between a slide show and a video. The slide show moves from definition to definition with videos on each slide to increase comprehension. The video clips are excellent, the explanations make sense, and it short to go through. Definitely a winner!
Dyanamic video 2.JPG
Dynamic, static, foils is a dry, 11 minute video on different type of characters. The examples are good though and if you turn off the narration, it works pretty well. Or you can skip the slides and only go to the video clips/examples.

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