Foreshadowing and flashback

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Teaching strategies

Foreshadowing and flashback are two literary devices that are often taught together.

Graphic organizers

  • Prediction chart from ReadWriteThink has students list their predictions and then state if they were right.

Classroom activities


  • NY Learns Making Predictions and Discovering Foreshadow is a well developed 8th grade lesson plan on predictions and foreshadowing. It has lots of resources attached-- some are SMART board files. Even if you don't have one, the attached prediction paragraph rubric is still pretty good.

  • Prediction Cards from Scholastic is another mini-lesson that has students create prediction cards about a story to share with their peers. Their peers then make predictions about the story from the information given on the cards and discover if they were right.

  • Foreshadowing is barely even a mini-lesson-- it's a handout to give groups of students when they begin to read a story telling them what to look for as they read and some guiding questions.


  • Flashback is a brief, middle school lesson on flashback with passages for students to read and discussion questions.

Foreshadowing and flashback

Cyber games and activities

Harcourt Predictions Grade 3 has students read short passages and predict what will happen next. Foreshadowing is not explicitly mentioned in the game.
Foreshadow 1.JPG
Ed Place Flashbacks is an interactive worksheet that guides students through the steps of creating their own stories with flashbacks.

iPad apps

Free worksheets


  • Teach-nology Prediction has students read short, simple paragraphs and make a prediction about what will happen next. The questions do not specifically address foreshadowing.

  • Foggy Figures from Superteacher is a two page story with numerous questions (multiple choice and open ended) about foreshadowing within the story. The text is at a mid to upper elementary level.


Foreshadowing and flashbacks

  • McGraw Hill has an entire workbook on literary elements online-- foreshadowing is on page 15 and flashback on page 17

At home


Foreshadowing 9.JPG
| Foreshadowing in Films is a nine minute video montage that explains foreshadowing. If you skip the narration and watch only the video clips, it would work well in a lesson. The first 30 seconds are jaws, 2:29 is a clip from Star Wars, 3:10 in is a clip from Mulan, 3:54 is a clip from Cinderella, and 6:53 is a clip from Aladdin. Each clip is under 30 seconds and then has a discussion of what was foreshadowed.
Foreshadowing twilight.JPG
| Flashbacks in Twilight is a YouTube clip from Twilight that has great examples of flashbacks. Okay—at least clear examples.

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