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Why TeachaPedia?

  • There are a lot of amazing teaching sites out there like Better lessons and Bright Hub and a lot of great organizations working with schools like Ashoka and Adopt a Classroom so why one more?
  • Because TeachaPedia is the shortcut website. Instead of having to find a whole lesson plan and pick it apart just to find a worksheet, you can come here to find the one worksheet, the one five minute activity, or the one teaching strategy that you are missing. You can also find links here to lesson materials and activities on those other awesome websites-- we want to build on what they have started by making it easy to find all of the awesome resources on their websites on others like [ Share my lesson] or Edutopia.
  • Instead of spending hours browsing the web and going from site to site to site, you can come here and find easy to use links to the most useful material-- or at least what other teachers thought was the most useful material!
  • So sign up and start sharing your great ideas and links to your favorite resources!

How to Edit a Page:

  • See our Adding content page for all of the information on editing a page, including a how to video!

Who to contact when stuff goes wrong:

  • If you have any difficulties using the site, please e-mail Just because stuff works for us on our computers doesn't mean it will work for you-- and if it doesn't work we need to know!

Discussion vs. Editing:

  • The DISCUSSION tab is our bulletin board. This is the place for specific questions or comments related to an article. Please feel free to answer other people’s questions! Check out the DISCUSSION tab on this page for an example.
  • EDITING an article is for adding new content. This is the place for you to post suggestions, teaching strategies and resources that you have found along the way.

Creating an Article:

Please see Creating a page for help and a how to video.

What do the colors mean?

  • Red is a page that doesn't have any content on it.
  • Purple is an external link-- it directs you to somewhere else on the web.
  • Blue is an internal link-- it sends you to another page on Teachapedia.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a communally edited website. For Teachapedia, it is a place for all teachers to share their ideas, resources, and expertise. Because anyone can edit the Wiki, we ask that you be respectful of other people’s work and ideas and follow the site’s Terms of Use. For more information on the history of Wikis and how they work please see Wikipedia’s overview of Wikis.

Following Users and Pages

Following or watching a page means that you can find out easily if anyone has made changes to page that you are interested in. You can watch more than one page.

  • How to follow or watch a page
    • Go to the article you want to watch/follow.
    • Select WATCH on the top tab.
    • That page is now on your watch list.
  • How to remove a page from your watchlist.
    • Go to the article.
    • If you are watching it, there should be an UNWATCH tab on the top.
    • Select it.
  • How to check for changes to watched pages.
    • When you log in, you should see "my watch list" on the upper right hand corner of your screen.
    • If you click it, you will be taken to a list of your watched pages and any changes that have been made in time order.
    • You should also be able to tell at a glance what the edit was and whether it was major or minor.
  • For more information on watching pages go to Wikipedia's Help:Watching pages article.

If you want to check the contributions of another user, that is slightly more tricky.

  1. Go to [Special Page User Contributions]
    1. Special Pages
    2. User Contributions
  2. Type in the person's user name
  3. Their contributions should come up, most recent to oldest.