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Here’s one way to think about an implied main idea; “If the author doesn't directly state the main idea of the text, it's up to you to infer what the main idea is. Finding the implied main idea is easier if you think of the passage as a box. Inside the box, is a random group of stuff (the details of the passage). Pull each item from the box and try to figure out what they each have in common, kind of like the game Tri-Bond. Once you've figured out what the common bond is among each of the items, you'll be able to summarize the passage in a snap.” Copied from TestPrep About

Education Study Help compares finding the main idea to casting a net over the passage. The net has to be broad enough to cover everything in the story, but not so big that the ideas can slip out.

Step by step guides to finding an implied main idea

  • The simplest is from TestPrep About;
    • “Read the passage of text
    • Ask this question to yourself: "What do each of the details of the passage have in common?"
    • In your own words, find the common bond among all the details of the passage and the author's point about this bond.
    • Compose a short sentence stating the bond and what the author says about the bond.” Coped from TestPrep About

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Implied mcgraw.JPG
| McGraw Hill Higher Ed Implied Main Idea is an interactive implied main idea worksheet for upper high school or college students. McGraw Hill Implied Main Idea 2 is the same worksheet, new passages.
Implied ablongman.JPG
| Implied main idea quiz has students read short passages and figure out the implied main idea.
Implied ablongman 2.JPG
| ABLongman Implied Main Idea in Poetry has students figure out what poems are about. Nice variation on the main idea theme!
Implied laflemm.JPG
| LaFlemm Practice implied main idea has students find the implied main idea of ten paragraphs. Their work is scored at the end.

Free worksheets

  • TenSteps Implied Main Idea is a printable test for high school ages students. Topics of paragraphs include foreign investment and drug abuse.
  • JDugdale Implied Main Idea is a pdf worksheet where students read paragraphs and choose the statement that has the implied main idea. The four passages have topics ranging from mental illness to Albert Einstein. High school level or upper middle school.

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