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Teaching strategies

Classroom Activities

  • Name That Sound Words from Phonological Awareness are a nice list of words for Name That Sound. For that game, you say three words with the same medial vowel sound. The student who correctly identifies the sound gets to call on the students for the next round.

  • Say It Loud Words from Phonological Awareness are CVC words that can be used for a kinesthetic take on medial vowels. Three children come to the front. Each child says one of the sounds of the word, standing up as they do. The initial and final sounds students have to use quiet voices, but the medial vowel student gets to be loud.

  • Phonological Awareness Memory Cards are memory cards with pairs of medial vowel sounds. Students have to match the sounds, not the words. There are pictures on each card to help. Print on cardstock.

Cyber games and activities

Sounds ict pop.JPG
| ICT Games CVC POP has students choose their medial vowel. Then, the program says a word and students have to find it as it floats across the screen and pop it. Not as cool as it sounds, but okay.
Sounds read write think picture match.JPG
| ReadWriteThink Picture Match has students choose medial vowels, initial sounds or long vowels to play with. They then have to put a picture in the box with the right letter.

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Free worksheets

  • Fun Fonix Book 1 is an entire downloadable book of medial vowel worksheets. There are also links for you to print individual pages if you don't want a whole book.

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