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Classroom activities

  • Adrian Bruce's Gargoyle Game is a printable card game similar to old maid. You print two sets of OY and OI word cards and students have to match joint with joint, toy with toy, etc saying the words as they match them. The game is well illustrated and easy to play. The game directions are in the middle of the page and the pdf with the playing cards is at the bottom of the page.

Cyber activities

Oy softschool.JPG
| Soft School's OI and OY game has the students choose the correct dipthong to spell words like boy and soil. Like all Soft School's games, it's impressively boring but still good practice.
Oy crossword.JPG
| Edu Place Interactive OY Crossword.
Oy wordsearch.JPG
| Edu Place Interactive OI and OY wordsearch.
Oy wordbuilder.JPG
| EduPlace Spelling Challenge shows students word briefly. They are then read the word and have to spell it correctly.
Oy spellzone.JPG
| Spellzone OI and OY Spelling Games has three different games ready to go. Zone Against the Clock Spelling has students spell the missing word in a sentence. The words are read to them but the sentences and the graphics make it a good game for older students. Spellzone Word Search has students solve a word search. Spell Zone Bouncing Anagrams makes students unscramble words by clicking the bouncy balls in the right order.

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Spellzone Teaching Resource OI/OY is a one page PDF with pictures that explains when to use OI and when to use OI.

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