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TeachaPedia: About TeachaPedia.org

TeachaPedia is an online database of teaching strategies, classroom activities, cyber activities, free worksheets, product reviews, helpful links and other resources that are posted by teachers, for teachers, to help improve classroom learning nationwide.


At its core, TeachaPedia is designed to help American teachers access educational materials that will allow them to increase student learning and engagement. By combining teaching strategies, specific activities, helpful links and online worksheets, TeachaPedia allows teachers to reduce the time that they spend online, pulling this information from disparate sources. Furthermore, via product reviews that are written by teachers, a question and answer forum, ideas regarding how lessons can be tailored to suit individual needs and companion materials for available products, TeachaPedia can help teachers decide which resources, whether free or commercial, will best serve their interests.

Legal status

Founded in July 2010, TeachaPedia presently exists as a private website, employing Wikimedia technology. At the present, there is no capacity to receive charitable donations.